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One of the most important goals of the North Carolina Trapper As­sociation is to promote responsible trapping.  Initiated in 1996, the NCTA Education Committee has continued to develop and implement a trapper education program (NCTEP) to teach both new and experienced trappers basic and updated trapping techniques.  The NCTEP explains how professionally-trained trappers can play an important part in helping to manage many of the furbearer wildlife species that inhabit North Carolina’s ever-changing landscapes.

There are two classes offered by the NCTA; one is a free class offered through the hunter safety program in partnership with the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission.  This is a basic trapper education class that includes an online segment and test followed by a 1/2 day of a field instructions covering a broad overview of trapping.  For more information, see the Basic Trappers Education Course link. 

The second course is a multi day trapping workshop where students are given the opportunity to run a live trapline.  Students have the opportunity to learn from professionals and set a vareity of traps for a number of species both water and land sets.  There is a cost associated with this class with proceeds going to NCTA to benefit all NC trappers.  Make checks out to NCTA and mail to NCTA Education Coordinator, Todd Menke, 2663 Tar River Road, Creedmoor, NC  27522.  For more information, see the NCTA Trappers College link.



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