NCTA 2017 State Convention

46th Annual Trappers Rendezvous

Johnston County Livestock Auction Arena

526 County Home Road

Smithfield, North Carolina 27577



 Ever wonder how to trap? Want to improve your trapping skills? Want to learn how to target certain species? Well how would you like to learn from the pro’s?

The NCTA will host their 2017 state convention September 29th and 30th from 8:00 am till 5:00 pm both days with a buffet feast Friday night. The NCTA is a family oriented organization so bring your family for fun and a good time.

For more and updated information visit the NCTA web site and their talk forum

This year’s dynamite line up will demonstrate different trapping techniques for different species of furbearers. If you want the best of the best to personally teach you, this is as good as it gets and all demos are free. One video from one of these trapping pros would cost you 30.00 plus. That is around 250.00 dollars’ worth of trapping instructions for free.


Rusty Johnson is a Georgia boy who has made a business out of trapping with two thoughts in mind. One was to be successful at what he was doing and the other was to share his knowledge with others. Rusty has made videos showing trapping tricks that took him years to perfect. Rusty makes his predator lures and baits and several years ago he starting sharing those with the public. Rusty’s web site is


Tera Roach is the editor of one of the best trapping magazine in the country, the Trappers World. Tera was just a young girl when her dad took her trapping, and she loved it. More than that she became a top of the line trapper and an expert in fox trapping. Tera and her dad, Tom made an extremely informative video on fox trapping call “Red Fox Frenzy”.


Scott Painter, owner of Blue Ridge Outdoor Supplies has a full line of trapping supplies and firearms. Scott has Videos on fox, coyotes, and bobcats. Scott shares his knowledge and skills on trapping in a way that’s just easy to learn how to do it right. Scott’s web site is:


Kendall Obermier, Owner of “No BS Lures” started trapping and exploded from there. Kendall took his love for trapping and made a living out of it. Kendall started making his own line of lures, videos and his own line of traps. When you catch furbearer in the numbers like Kendall does you need to pay attention to what he is doing and what he is using.  His No Bs K9 Extreme lines of traps are selling nationwide as fast as they can be made. These dogless traps are built like a tank. Check out Kendall’s web site:


Dick Atkins has only been trapping for 66 years. In that short time he has trapped for Muskrats, weasels, raccoon, beaver, fox, otter, bobcats, mink, and Pine Martin. Dick has shared his knowledge with thousands of folks while doing trapping demo’s at the PA, NY, IA conventions and also the Nation Trappers Association and the Fur Takers conventions.  Dick specializes in mink trapping and has been doing mink demos at the famous “Minktoberfest”. Dick has written a book “Eastern Fox Trapping” and made a video called “Fox Trapping, 50 years on the line”. Stop by Dick’s booth and check him out.

Kevin Myers is a "Master Water Trapper". Kevin catches several hundred muskrats and raccoons, annually. He is a licensed NC Fur Buyer and fur processor. Kevin is also a NCWRC certified wildlife damage control agent. Kevin is the Vice-President of the NCTA.  He will be conducting a trapping demonstration along with Tony White for the youth to explain techniques used in water trapping. 

Tony White, Following in the steps of his father, Tony runs and owns his own construction business.  Tony has been known as a water trapper since he was a kid.  Between these two jobs, Tony became known as the Carolina woodsman.  He would catch and skin his fur, even as a young kid. He sold raccoon meat and when in school, his mom would sell it for him. Tony worked for a local fur buyer putting up fur. This is where he became a top notch fur processor. Tony is a hunter and trapper education instructor and current President of the NCTA. This quick minded, sharp eye trapper will show you tricks that would take years to learn.  

Carl Murphy, In addition to his full-time job, Carl is a NCWRC certified wildlife damage control agent and recreational trapper, catching triple digit numbers of canines and beaver.  He is also a lure maker and a volunteer trapper education instructor. Come see his demonstration discussing the use of footholds and various types of equipment used with foothold traps to catch beaver. 


Armon Waters and Matthew Roberts, will be our first trapping team to do a demo. These two home grown boys catch more fur in a day than a lot of trappers catch all year long. In their first two years together, they trapped land and water.  The last two years have been mostly land trapping. In the past 4 seasons combined Armon and Matthew have caught over 1000 canines and bobcats. Matt runs a mix of flat sets and dirtholes, while Armon makes almost all flat sets. These two hard working trappers do more than just getting the job done. These two just hammer it in and keep on going. Both work full time jobs in addition to their trapping exploits.  If you have never trapped with a partner then these two’s demo will be a must see.


Prune Winspear, Prune is a trapper education instructor and is excellent at teaching the proper way to put your fur up. From how to care for your fur when caught, to the first and last cut, to the beam and stretcher and on to the market. Prunes fur demos are well worth the drive. With tens of thousands of pelts put up by Prune and over 40 years of professional fur processing even experienced trappers will learn new and better ways to care for and display their fur.

Fur processing demo’s will be both days covering just about all of the furbearers in NC. Ask all the questions you want, Prune knows the answers.

Todd Menke, Todd is the current Education Coordinator and former President/Secretary of the North Carolina Trappers Association.  Todd grew up in Nebraska and has trapped in the Midwest, Northeast, and Southeastern United States.  He is a certified Wildlife Biologist and a volunteer hunter/trapper instructor with a passion for resolving problems caused by wildlife.  Todd has given numerous trapping demonstrations as well as written how-to articles for Quality Deer Management Association and NCTA newsletters.  Learn how he catches beavers in numbers recreationally as well as techniques for catching that last beaver to resolve landowner flooding concerns.  Todd will show you effective basic sets that helped him catch 58 beaver in 60 sets as his best one day total. His next challenge will be to beat his best weekly total of 204 beaver. His simple but effective natural sets and approach to beaver trapping will surely help increase your catch. Todd's advanced techniques for educated beaver will help you gain access to properties to be able to trap all furbearers. His organizational skills will also help you keep your traps organized and improve your efficiency on the line. Don't miss this opportunity to improve your catch!


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