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Welcome to the official website of the North Carolina Trappers Association, Inc.

The North Carolina Trappers Association (NCTA) is a non-profit organization that was estab­lished in 1972.  It's main purpose is to unite the state’s trappers, to assist the NC Wildlife Resources Commission in its management and conservation of wild furbearer species, and to preserve and promote responsible trapping.

Along with preserving and promoting responsible trapping, some of the NCTA’s goals are:

     - To establish responsible trapping seasons with fair and impartial laws for the harvesting of furbearers
     - To educate trappers in proper trapping techniques, safety, and woodland skills
     - To develop better relationships between landowners and trappers

     - To promote the conscientious use of natural renewable resources
     - To help conserve our wildlife and to preserve their natural habitat


Educating the public on Best Management Practices regarding improvements to trapping tools and techniques, will help others understand that trapping activities are humane.

Providing facts to dispel myths that trapping is cruel, and demonstrate how effective trapping is as a wildlife management tool, costing taxpayers little to nothing to resolve human/wildlife conflicts (e.g. beaver flooding houses/roads, coyotes killing livestock, muskrats burrowing/digging in pond dams etc.).

NCTA continues to support the National Trappers Association, the Fur Takers of America, and Sportsmen's Alliance as an affiliate, contributing financially each year.

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